Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Bride

"Happy Girls are the prettiest"
Audrey Hepburn

Any bride is ever so gorgeous a being the wedding day that all eyes are set tight on her save anything else! Brides are always a fascination to be watched at (and to have been one is no less a fascination too!). The adornments both inward and outward  places her in a kind of magical realm where she would rule, definitely, even if for a short span! :)

The Bride (in all bling!!!)
Acrylic Inks - Crimson, Scarlet and Gold
Canson Aquarelle paper - 300gsm

When this week's color was mentioned as RED+RED+METALLIC, the instant thought was that of an Indian bride! That got me thinking about other brides in our treasure trove of arts of the Masters! There are a good number of brides being painted and what stuck me recently from the book I was reading was two of the paintings which coherently depicts the time of Art Nouveau* and the inner workings of the artists. My bride has no connection with the mentioned paintings though, for she is as real as she can be in the present world! The bride all dressed up and submerged in gold! The bride of the times! The picture is referred from Jodha Akbar (movie).

The Three Brides - Jan Toorop

The lean and lanky figures with intricate patterns and lines around, the colours that provide a backdrop of eeriness, the figures beaming as a multitude...the three brides - the human in the center, the bride of Christ in the left and the courtesan(also wearing skulls around her neck reminding us of Goddess Kali) on the right are all juxtaposed to form a coherent whole. It however imparts a definite unsettling experience!

The Bride of Christ - John Thorn Prikker

Again, one clearly observe the art nouveau influence in the painting while the bride is symbolic of being spiritual, it also stirs a query in us by depicting the tulips on her gown which of course retraces away from spirituality and more into the reality of life. Prikker though not a well-known artist has his place in almost all major Dutch and German museums.

*Art Nouveau (New Art):

From 1880s until the first World War, artists took interest in the natural world around them. It influenced art and architecture in applied arts, graphic arts and illustration. Lines and curves were derived from botanical studies, nature being the primary source of inspiration to break away from the redundant past styles. The forms and designs flowed as a metaphor of the newly availed freedom. It sought the unification of fine and applied arts which they did achieve.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Poetry of Life

Though late for SOC and I missed to link it up this week, it was  a fruitful week otherwise!  These days I am always overwhelmed with queries that jolts me, excites me, shudders me, soothes me, terrifies me and even frenzies me!!! All at the same time! I shall blame it all on the mist carrying Kochi air!!! As my quote below says... 

"The Poetry of Life is in it's twists and turns..."

Pondering on this quote (speaking for almost every soul!), Aren't these unexpected twists and turns that makes life exciting!! 'mars the mundane' and a newness is born(e) each moment, each day of life! One starts living each precious moment as if Life depends on that particular moment! One would wish that it doesn't slip or seep away! If only we could bring that newness every minute of our lives! Life, then, would turn out to be a fantasy! A Fairy Tale!



Poetry of Life 
Canson Aquarelle, 300gsm
8 1/8"x11 3/4"
Acrylic inks (Winsor and Newton/Liquitex)
Art pens,Watercolor pencil,Newpaper cuts
Embellishings and glitter

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